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Programming: Principles and practice using C++ (3rd edition)

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Programming: Principles and practice using C++ (3rd edition)

"Programming: Principles and Practice using C++ (3rd Edition)", aka PPP3, is an introduction to programming for people who have never programmed before. It will also be useful for people who have programmed a bit and want to improve their style and technique - or simply learn modern C++. It is designed for classroom use, but written with an eye on self study. Ealier versions of this book have been used as the basis for first programming classes for electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science students at Texas A&M University and in many other places.

People who have seen PPP2 will notice that PPP3 is about half its size. What I have done to keep the weight down is to

  • strengthen the foundational chapters usually covered in a one-semester course, utilizing key parts of C++20 and C+23, and re-basing the Graphics/GUI chapter code on Qt for portability (e.g., to browsers and phones).
  • placed the more specialized chapers (known as "broadening the view" in PPP2) on the Web for people to use as needed. See below.
  • eliminate the pure reference material. You now can find more and more up-to-date material on the web, e.g.

Here are some PPP3 samples

  • Preface. What the book promises, and what it does not promise.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Chapter 0: Notes to the Reader. Some notes on the approach taken by the book.
  • Chapter 10: A Display Model. A sample chapter. If you are a real novice, don't read this chapter quite yet. I post it to show teachers and more experienced readers where the book gets to in the 5th week or so (assuming two chapters a week). Also, to show off a little bit of contemporary C++.

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