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Hands-On High Performance Programming with Qt 5

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Hands-On High Performance Programming with Qt 5

This book discusses performance techniques in general and also in the specific setting of the Qt 5 framework.

It starts with general introduction to program performance and processor architectures. In the next chapter, we introduce crucial performance profiling tools and techniques for C++, QML, CPU, memory and also GPU. Further, we follow with discussion of C++ language and the performance impacts of its several features, C++-specific performance tricks and some optimizations employed by C++ compilers and linkers. This closes the first part of the book.

In the second part we discuss general impact of data structures on performance and also have a look at specific problems when using Qt data structures. Next chapter discusses multithreading techniques, their performance and support provided for them by the Qt framework. We close the second part of the book with a collection of real-world performance problems the author encountered in his carreer, which could be solved using basic performance techniques we learned so far.

Last part of the book has a deeper look at specific performance techniques we need when writing nontrivial programs. These are problems related to file reading and processing, GUI and graphic (including GPU architecture) programming and networking. All of that is discussed in context of frequently used Qt modules like Qt Wigets, Qt Quick/QML, Qt Network, Qt XML and even Qt SQL.

The book ends with two "goodie" chapters, first one about Qt usage and performance techniques on mobile and embedded platforms, and the second one about testing and deploying Qt applications.

Each chapter closes with 10 or so questions which are then all answered in the Appendix. Entire book's code can be found on GitHub:

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