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Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers

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Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers

The book is designed to help students and beginners to quickly start programming in modern C ++. I present not only the language itself, but also a little of hardware, registers, cache, memory layout, etc., as well as data structures (certainly vector, string, but also lists, maps, etc.), algorithms and design patterns (e.g. the bridge & adapter). All richly illustrated with examples. Here I implement my teaching strategy according to the Pareto 20/80 rule – i.e. draw the most useful 20% from the C ++ treasury to let you write 80% of useful software (at least at the students’ level). I also take care of teaching the clarity and correctness of the code, as well as I present the toolchain (compiler, debuggers, profilers, git, etc.). The book is intended for 3 semesters. It also includes an introduction to floating-point computing, parallel programming, but there is also a little bit about the lower-level programming as well (that's mostly for electronics).

The table of contents and dozens of pages can be viewed at The book page is at The code is available from the GitHub (

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