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Revolutionary Opensource Tech Startup – Core C++ or Java Engineers

published at 25.11.2021 14:14

Location: Fully Remote (Global)

Company: Stanford Black

Relocation Level: none

Remote support for this position: yes

My client is a very highly funded tech startup who already have a great deal of notoriety in the Opensource community. They are comprised of some of the best engineers in the market from C++ and Java backgrounds all with a focus on very low level coding.

They are currently looking for top engineers from the above backgrounds with an intimate knowledge of tuning software at a very low level i.e. JVM and Kernel. This new piece of Opensource technology is due to revolutionise technology across the world and will impact almost every industry through faster and more efficient use of data. The codebase is very fresh still and is being ported from majority Java to a more hybrid Java/C++ setup.

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