Timur Doumler

Timur Doumler is Senior Software Developer at London-based technology company ROLI. He is currently working on JUCE, the leading cross-platform framework for creating audio applications used by hundreds of companies in the audio industry. After five years of writing high-performance code in Fortran, C, and C++ for numerical simulations of the cosmic structure formation, Timur became committed to audio and music production software. Before joining ROLI, he worked on various projects at market-leading company Native Instruments, such as KONTAKT, the industry standard sampling platform highly popular with music producers and composers for film score, games, and contemporary popular music. Timur holds a PhD in astrophysics and is passionate about well-written code, modern C++ techniques, science-fiction, learning languages, and progressive rock music. He has previously given talks at CppCon, C++Now, and the JUCE Summit.

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