Supporting Meeting C++

Hi, and welcome to the Meeting C++ support page. I do run this page as my day job, so it is together with the conference also my main income. There are a few ways how you can support me, so that I can continue to do my work with Meeting C++. How can you support me?

Visit the conference!

This is probably the best way to support me, and you'll even get 2 days full of C++ for it! But, the space at the conference is limited, so that not everybody can come. For those who are able to come to the conference, all details are at the conference page.

If you are not able to go to the conference, there are still a few other options to support me and Meeting C++.

Books & Amazon

I have joined the amazon affiliate program, so that you can support Meeting C++ over your shopping at This does not cost you anything, but amazon will pay me a 4% (or more) commission from your purchases. You can not only order books over this, so far nobody has bought a C++ book over those links ;) (Games, DVDs, Computerparts so far mostly). And don't worry, amazon does not tell me who bought what, only which products.

You also can support me at and


I have added last year a t-shirt shop to the site. This is where you can order Meeting C++ t-shirts and other merchandise. I can add more products, if you think that something is missing. The t-shirts are fair trade and made in germany.

Advertising at Meeting C++

For Companies there is also the option to have advertising or cooperations with Meeting C++. For details on this, please contact me.