Meeting C++ Recruiting

This is the info page for the Meeting C++ Recruiting service!

But lets start with a little overview what Meeting C++ is:

  • a major C++ conference
  • supporting C++ User Groups
  • Spreading C++ related news & content
  • C++ Blog

The mission of Meeting C++ is to support the C++ community and to build and maintain a worldwide network for C++. And with Meeting C++ recruiting, the goal is to integrate companies into this network, to make them visible as employers, and help people find the right jobs. With this service, I want to bring together companies, who have open positions for C++ Developers and those developers who are looking for a new challenging position!

Also, any open position is welcome to be published in the job section, just send me the job description via mail.

Meeting C++ Recruiting for Companies

You, as a company get the chance to be visible as an employer at Meeting C++!

Which gives you direct exposure to the core C++ community and will help you to find the,

  • Basic Listing
  • HR Partnership

If you want to have your company listed at Meeting C++, please contact me, listing might take a few days.

Meeting C++ recruiting for coders

If you are looking for a job, please prepare your CV and send it to me. I will forward your documents to the companies, but not your email. So in case you want to provide more then one document, please put them in a zip file. Please include your github accounts and any open source activity in your documents, companies are interested in seeing how active you are in the field. Please send me your documents as PDF!