Boost Workshop

boost, a toolkit for Modern C++, presented to you by Boris Schäling & Michael Caisse:

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Boost is one of the most important toolkits for working with modern C++, an extension to the standard. Lots of the new libraries in the standard have also its origin in boost. Thats why I asked boost expert Boris Schäling to hold a full day workshop on boost! Boris is also the author of the boost C++ Libraries book, which is a very good resource for working with boost!

Hands-on workshop with the Boost C++ libraries

This full-day workshop with Boris Schäling shows you how to implement solutions faster with the Boost C++ libraries. We will start at use cases and identify useful Boost libraries which help us to meet requirements.

We will go through the same decision-making process as in real-world projects and discuss trade-offs of potential solutions. For a hands-on experience we will write code to implement solutions. (Bring a laptop with a modern C++ compiler!) The Boost libraries are one of the most important and influential open source C++ libraries.

Presentation: Boost.Fusion : Power to the tuples!

Michael Caisse will present on boost::fusion:

Tuples provide heterogeneous, compile-time containers; however, they can be difficult to use at run-time. Boost.Fusion brings together compile-time and run-time semantics to produce the STL of the meta-programming world. It is the machinery behind several Boost libraries and is a common element in many of the solutions provided by Ciere Consulting.

In this session we will explore the Boost.Fusion library and some real-world use-cases. Specifically, we will be looking at examples where Fusion was employed to simplify library interfaces, provide declarative user experiences, used for introspection, and create efficient and non-intrusive type handling.

Attendees will walk away with a working understanding of Boost.Fusion and several practical usage patterns. Come and learn how to integrate into your own solutions the library that labors behind the scene in Spirit, Xpressive, Geometry, Accumulators, odeint, Proto, Phoenix, and MSM.