Advertising at Meeting C++

This website offers for your company the opportunity to place bannerads on Meeting C++. With over 10k visitors each month and nearly 20k ads served to a very unique audience. Our audience is to 50-60% european, 20 - 30% north american (mostly US) and 10-20% asian.

Our audience is mostly the C++ community, as this website has a strong focus on the programming language C++. Also Meeting C++ is active in Social Media with over 1500 followers, when Twitter, Facebook and G+ is combined.

Your Advertisement

All Ads have to have the format of 728x90 and are displayed over a serverside module, there is no external ad provider. This has the advantage, that most people will see your ad, even if an Adblocker is on. Clickrates are between 100 - 200 displays for 1 click currently. This depends also highly on your ad. Only .png or .jpg as format is allowed. I do not charge for a certain amount of displays or clicks, I charge for the time you pick for the ad to be displayed, starting by 1 month minimum. The revenue from the ads supports this websites, and lets me create more content, which brings more visitors. More details in this PDF.

Please contact me, if you are interested in advertising on Meeting C++!

As a demonstration I placed an Ad below: