Meeting C++ live - tomorrow first episode!

published at 08.03.2017 13:11 by Jens Weller

I can announce that - finally - Meeting C++ live goes live! Tomorrow at 17 CET the first episode is going to air, with guest Rainer Grimm. Rainer Grimm was already involved in the first Meeting C++ conference as a speaker in 2012. He is also a frequent blogger, book author and trainer on C++ related topics!

There is a lot I could talk about with rainer, but looking at his last blog entries, I decided that Multithreading in C++ would be the best topic to have a chat on, as he also gave the multithreading workshop at Meeting C++ 2016.

There will be a short test at 15:30, once things run smoothly I'll be back live with Rainer around 17:00 CET at youtube.

I plan to have 1-2 episodes of Meeting C++ live per month, mostly on the 2nd or/and 4th Thursday. But this also will depend on the guest. I see Meeting C++ live between CppChat (talk show like) and CppCast. More details tomorrow!

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