Also returns as a gold sponsor

published at 28.09.2016 13:15 by Jens Weller

For the second year, joins Meeting C++ as a gold sponsor:


Undo Software has specialized in building a debugger, that allows you to see a bug live in your code. You can not only go forward in their debugger, you are able to go backwards or replay a part (or all) of your debug session. Undo will also give a talk on using GDB effectivly at the conference.

In their own introduction

Undo Software is the leading provider of next generation debugging tools for Linux and Android. Its award-winning solutions combine offline and reversible debugging capabilities which allow software developers to record, rewind, and replay their code in test suites or from their current location. Developers can now respond quickly to customer critical bugs, increase their productivity and meet their development deadlines. Used by over 1,000 developers to solve complex, real-world problems for companies including Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics, Undo’s tools reduce debugging time from weeks to minutes, while seamlessly integrating into existing development environments.

Why Undo Software wants to sponsor Meeting C++

Undo builds tools that stimulate innovation within the C/C++ communities, and Meeting C++ is a great opportunity to learn about and contribute to this goal. We know that C++ is used by people who have demanding requirements. They need the performance of a compiled language with the facilities to enable building large applications, and therefore need mechanisms to track down complex hard-to-find bugs.

Undo's next generation debugging technology gives C++ developers modern tools for high performance debugging. Come and chat to us at our booth to find out how we can maximise your ability to debug rapidly and easily.


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