A new gold sponsor: the Qt Company

published at 03.07.2017 11:31 by Jens Weller

I'm happy to start this week with the announcement of a new gold sponsor: the Qt Company!


While you should know Qt, you might not know much about the Qt company, here is short introduction:

The Qt Company is responsible for Qt development, productization and licensing under commercial and open-source licenses. Qt is a C++ based framework of libraries and tools that enables the development of powerful, interactive and cross-platform applications and devices.

Qt is used from IoT and embedded to desktop applications and in servers too. It is one of the most popular frameworks C++ has, and it offers both, a mature API for things like UI and Databases, but also state of the art UI for touchscreens with QML. With Qt 5.7 C++11 has become mandatory, and with 5.9 Qt has a LTS version based on C++11.

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