Welcoming the first Meeting C++ 2020 sponsor!

published at 27.08.2020 09:55 by Jens Weller

Its always an honor to welcome the very first sponsor for the yearly conference, so happy to announce the first Gold Sponsor!

Its KDAB! KDAB is a long time contributor to Qt and Meeting C++! There the only company to have sponsored the Meeting C++ conference continously since 2012. Thanks for your commitment and support KDAB!

One of KDABs contributions to Meeting C++ 2020 is a talk by Marc Mutz: Partially-Formed Objects For Fun And Profit. Also you can read about KDAB and Meeting C++ 2020 at the KDAB Blog.

KDAB is known for its services and trainings in the C++ area, be it Modern C++ or Qt related, KDAB can offer training and/or consultant work on a truely professional level. One of their latest contributions to Qt is Qt3D.

They also wrote a clang-tidy based tool for checking Qt code: Clazy


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