JFrog Conan C/C++ Package Manager joins as a Partner Sponsor

published at 15.09.2017 10:45

Great news for this years Meeting C++ conference: I can announce that JFrog and its JFrog Conan C/C++ Package Manager is becoming the first Partner Sponsor of Meeting C++! This is related to them organizing again the C++ Quiz!



JFrog is the company which took conan.io to a new level last year, so with them becoming a sponsor, conan returns to the conference! The C++ Quiz was last year organized by the conan team, and was a highlight of the conference. So its great to know, that Diego returns with the Quiz and a hands on session on conan to the conference! JFrog is based in Israel, France and California, you'll be able to ask many questions at their booth!

Also a word on Partner Sponsoring, I am happy that Diego and Conan/JFrog organize the C++ Quiz, as it adds something to the conference I never could do on my own. I am looking for sponsors to share a part of the work for the conference with them, some of these things require a certain budget, others require a high dedication to organizing such as the C++ Quiz!

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