First Videos of Meeting C++ 2019 are online!

published at 06.12.2019 14:55 by Jens Weller

A few weeks ago I started processing the videos of this years conference, and it took until today to release all of the lightning talks to youtube!

The keynotes are next, and I plan to release one keynote per day for this weekend. Then by next week the talks will start to come out one by one.

I do the video editing my self, as spending lots of money on this or aquiring this skill is kind of the same. With this year I started doing this with KDEnlive, so that I'm able to render videos in parallel on some of my linux machines. This will speed up the release of the videos quite a bit. A further improvement for some lightning talks, keynotes and talks released in the future, I've written a tool to extract the "speaker box" of the final video from the source video of the speaker. This saves me from doing this manually, which can be quite difficult and time consuming. This tool is not yet perfect, but its already doing a better job then I could myself.

More on this tool soon in the blog, as its written in C++.

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