An online C++ job fair on October 20th

published at 06.10.2020 10:34 by Jens Weller

A virtual job fair where you can attend and talk to different employers or job searchers is planned for October 20th.

In two weeks the first virtual C++ Job fair organized by Meeting C++ is planned. Its going to be hosted in remo, the same environment already known to many from CppCon and Meeting C++ online. For Tuesday afternoon from 14-18:00 (CEST) you'll be able to join the event and talk to employers and other job searchers. Each employer that registers will have its own named table. Employers need to sign up until October 15th.

Meeting C++ 2020 will also be hosted in remo, so October 20th will also be a great opportunity for you to check out the platform that will host the yearly conference of Meeting C++ later.

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