GSP Sprachtechnologie joins as a Gold Sponsor

published at 08.08.2018 12:01

I'm happy to announce a new gold sponsor, a company based in Berlin: GSP Sprachtechnologie

C++ User Group meetings in August 2018

published at 01.08.2018 10:57

With August the holidays make some User Groups take a break, while others go on having a summer BBQ. And some just continue as normal with talks and C++ topics. Want to find or start your local User Group? Look at the listing of User Groups.

Voting results for Meeting C++ 2018

published at 11.07.2018 11:26

On Sunday the voting ended for this years conference. And the results are interesting, each talk received between 87 and 104 votes from 147 active voting sessions. In total its 10685 votes casted. So lots of folks did have a look at each talk, the average of the collected votings is then what determines the top talks at the conference. More on this below.

Announcing the student and support tickets for Meeting C++ 2018

published at 04.07.2018 16:10

The programs for attending Meeting C++ with through a free ticket are back! You can now register for a Student and/or Support ticket. 

C++ User Group meetings in July 2018

published at 03.07.2018 10:14

The monthly overview on upcoming User Group meetings!

Embarcadero joins the gold sponsors

published at 25.06.2018 14:47

A well known company, that also has a long time history with C++, joins as a gold sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018:

The voting for Meeting C++ 2018 has begun!

published at 22.06.2018 12:02

Last sunday the talk submission deadline for Meeting C++ 2018 passed, and 78 Speakers did submit 113 talks! Thanks to all who have submitted their ideas about what to speak at this years Meeting C++ conference!

Optiver joins Meeting C++ 2018 as a Gold Sponsor!

published at 20.06.2018 11:51

Optiver returns as a gold sponsor to Meeting C++ 2018! They will be present at the conference with a booth and a Dutch treat for all visitors.

The first 5 companies have joined the employer listing!

published at 13.06.2018 16:07

Happy to report that now 5 companies are listed in the employer listing in the Meeting C++ Jobsection!

Call for a more diverse program at Meeting C++ 2018!

published at 05.06.2018 09:54

Last years track for new speakers was a great success, so Meeting C++ will dedicate a track to this now in every year. So I'd like to reach out to the C++ Community, who do you think has something interesting to say about C++ and could start speaking at this years Meeting C++?

C++ User Group meetings in June 2018

published at 04.06.2018 10:55

The monthly overview of upcoming C++ User Group meetings. Join a C++ User Group near you, or learn how to start your own!

Meeting C++ sponsors the Summer ISO C++ Meeting

published at 30.05.2018 10:08

Next week the ISO C++ committee meets in Rapperswil, Switzerland. Peter Sommerlad hosts the committee at the HSR for a full one week meeting, and during April he asked for sponsorships on twitter.

New gold sponsor: think-cell

published at 28.05.2018 15:37

Meeting C++ returns in its 7th edition in 2018. And for the 7th time, think-cell is a key sponsor of the event. Thanks for this long committment to Meeting C++, think-cell!

Workshop with Nicolai Josuttis

published at 02.05.2018 11:43

This years Meeting C++ conference offers a full day workshop with Nicolai Josuttis.

Early Bird Tickets are sold out!

published at 02.05.2018 10:27

Yes, Early Bird Tickets are now all sold out! It is already a big stretch to offer them for 699 € for a 3 day conference, so they have to be limited.

C++ User Group Meetings in May 2018

published at 01.05.2018 12:04

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings!

Can you sponsor Meeting C++ 2018?

published at 25.04.2018 11:19

TL;DR: is your employer a potential sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018?

JetBrains returns as a Sponsor

published at 25.04.2018 09:44

JetBrains returns for the 4th time to the Meeting C++ conference!

Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2018

published at 23.04.2018 13:46

Just updated the website with the keynote speakers of Meeting C++ 2018, so a short word about the keynotes.

KDAB returns as a silver Sponsor

published at 19.04.2018 19:56

With KDAB returning to the conference as a silver Sponsor, Meeting C++ 2018 has its first all time sponsor. Thats right, KDAB has been a sponsor of all Meeting C++ conferences, beginning in 2012! Big thanks to KDAB for their long time support!