C++ User Group Meetings in November 2019

published at 01.11.2019 14:07

The monthly overview on C++ User Group meetings! Would like to start your own group or looking for ideas in running your current group? Watch my talk from CppCon:

Final touches for the schedule of Meeting C++ 2019

published at 30.10.2019 15:16

The Lounge Track and Floorplans have been added to the schedule!

TomTom sponsors the Support & Diversity tickets

published at 30.10.2019 15:10

A thank you to TomTom for reaching out in order to contribute to this years program for the support & diversity tickets!

The Qt Company returns as a gold sponsor to Meeting C++ 2019

published at 25.10.2019 09:49

Happy to welcome the Qt company back as a gold sponsor for Meeting C++ 2019. Qt is an important and widely used framework for writing applications in C++ in the industry.

Flow Traders returns as a gold sponsor

published at 23.10.2019 16:15

Happy to welcome Flow Traders back to the conference!

Keynote details for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 22.10.2019 09:51

With just a few weeks left to Meeting C++ 2019, its time for a closer look at the keynotes!

A final batch of tickets is available for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 21.10.2019 12:31

By the end of September Meeting C++ 2019 was sold out. Now a new batch of tickets is available.

TeamViewer returns as a Gold Sponsor!

published at 18.10.2019 12:40

I'm happy to announce that Team Viewer will be returning as a Gold Sponsor to the conference!

C++ User Group Meetings in October 2019

published at 01.10.2019 11:56

The monthly listing about upcoming C++ User Group meetings. I gave a talk about running and starting a C++ User Group, which will be soon available on YouTube! In the meanwhile, the User Group section is still up to date!

Optiver joins the Gold sponsors of Meeting C++ 2019

published at 30.09.2019 16:34

Optiver returns as a gold sponsor to Meeting C++ 2019! They will be present at the conference with a booth and a talk at the conference!

Highlighting the Student and Support Tickets for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 04.09.2019 14:06

With the Schedule for Meeting C++ 2019 being complete regarding submitted talks, I want to highlight, that there is an opportunity for folks to attend the conference with a free ticket!

Incredibuild joins the Gold sponsors

published at 04.09.2019 14:02

IncrediBuild returns to this years Meeting C++ conference as a Gold sponsor and will be present with a booth in the break area!

C++ User Group Meetings in September 2019

published at 02.09.2019 10:28

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings!

Bloomberg joins the gold Sponsors

published at 23.08.2019 11:35

I want to thank Bloomberg for supporting Meeting C++ as a Gold Sponsor in 2019:

Talks and Speakers of Meeting C++ 2019 are online!

published at 21.08.2019 11:52

The details of the talks and speakers for Meeting C++ 2019 are now online.

JetBrains joins the sponsors for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 16.08.2019 09:39

JetBrains returns for the 5th time to the Meeting C++ conference!

JFrog sponsors the Conan C++ Quiz again!

published at 15.08.2019 15:43

JFrog returns as a Partner Sponsor to Meeting C++ 2019, providing the great Conan C++ Quiz once again!

C++ User Group Meetings in August 2019

published at 02.08.2019 13:10

The monthly listing of User Group meetings for C++. I've decided to list the beginning of the next month too, as I often miss the first days of a month when posting this.

A first schedule for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 12.07.2019 09:01

The schedule for Meeting C++ 2019 is online!

Sponsoring next weeks ISO C++ Meeting in Cologne

published at 11.07.2019 15:53

I began doing sponsorships for the European Meetings of the ISO C++ Committee since last year. So as next week the committee is in Cologne, of course I also support this meeting through a sponsorship.