Meeting C++ 2018 wrap up

published at 29.11.2018 12:58

Two weeks ago, Meeting C++ 2018 started. The first attendees got their badges and it was again this time of year for my staff, the volunteers and myself: conference time.

C++ User Group Meetings in November 2018

published at 02.11.2018 16:59

The monthly C++ User Group Meeting overview! Learn how to get your own C++ User Group started in our C++ User Group section!

Schedule Update

published at 26.10.2018 11:40

With this schedule update, Talks and Speakers are linked to their info/profile pages and the lounge track is now visible.

A few more tickets are available

published at 10.10.2018 10:11

With the beginning of October all regular tickets for Meeting C++ were sold out. Now I am able to go a bit further in Seating in our venue, so about 40 extra tickets become available.

C++ User Group Meetings in October

published at 03.10.2018 13:31

The monthly posting on upcoming C++ User Group meetings! Want to start your own C++ User Group? Take a look into the User Group Section at Meeting C++!

Meeting C++ 2018 is sold out!

published at 03.10.2018 12:51

... since Monday afternoon. The sales this year have been way ahead of where they used to be. There is a waiting list, but right now it looks like with a few more sponsors sending their share of attendees, that Meeting C++ is sold out for 2018.

Dampsoft joins as a Platin Sponsor

published at 17.09.2018 15:11

For the last 3 years Dampsoft has been sending attendees to the conference, and a few weeks they decided to look at also being a sponsor for the conference! Thanks for contributing to the conference through sponsoring as a platin sponsor!

One more month for the Student- & Diversity/Support tickets!

published at 15.09.2018 18:34

A short reminder, that you have one more month to apply to the programs for student and diversity/support tickets!

The Qt Company returns as a gold sponsor

published at 14.09.2018 11:15

Happy to welcome the Qt company back as a gold sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018. Qt is an important and widely used framework for writing applications in C++ in the industry.

Native Instruments joins the partner sponsors!

published at 13.09.2018 12:02

Today I can announce that Native Instruments returns to the conference as a partner sponsor! They're the second sponsor to support Meeting C++ through more then sponsoring!

A major update for Meeting C++ Recruiting

published at 22.08.2018 15:14

Today I can announce a new offering in the recruiting area of Meeting C++: the CV upload form.

Flow traders returns as gold and the first coffee break sponsor

published at 16.08.2018 16:15

I'm always happy when a new sponsor returns to the conference, and this time its Flow Traders. But they also decided to sponsor one of the coffee breaks!

TeamViewer joins as the first Platin Sponsor!

published at 15.08.2018 15:40

I am excited to announce the first Platin Sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018: TeamViewer.

GSP Sprachtechnologie joins as a Gold Sponsor

published at 08.08.2018 12:01

I'm happy to announce a new gold sponsor, a company based in Berlin: GSP Sprachtechnologie

C++ User Group meetings in August 2018

published at 01.08.2018 10:57

With August the holidays make some User Groups take a break, while others go on having a summer BBQ. And some just continue as normal with talks and C++ topics. Want to find or start your local User Group? Look at the listing of User Groups.

Voting results for Meeting C++ 2018

published at 11.07.2018 11:26

On Sunday the voting ended for this years conference. And the results are interesting, each talk received between 87 and 104 votes from 147 active voting sessions. In total its 10685 votes casted. So lots of folks did have a look at each talk, the average of the collected votings is then what determines the top talks at the conference. More on this below.

Announcing the student and support tickets for Meeting C++ 2018

published at 04.07.2018 16:10

The programs for attending Meeting C++ with through a free ticket are back! You can now register for a Student and/or Support ticket. 

C++ User Group meetings in July 2018

published at 03.07.2018 10:14

The monthly overview on upcoming User Group meetings!

Embarcadero joins the gold sponsors

published at 25.06.2018 14:47

A well known company, that also has a long time history with C++, joins as a gold sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018:

The voting for Meeting C++ 2018 has begun!

published at 22.06.2018 12:02

Last sunday the talk submission deadline for Meeting C++ 2018 passed, and 78 Speakers did submit 113 talks! Thanks to all who have submitted their ideas about what to speak at this years Meeting C++ conference!