Workshop with Nicolai Josuttis

published at 02.05.2018 11:43

This years Meeting C++ conference offers a full day workshop with Nicolai Josuttis.

Early Bird Tickets are sold out!

published at 02.05.2018 10:27

Yes, Early Bird Tickets are now all sold out! It is already a big stretch to offer them for 699 € for a 3 day conference, so they have to be limited.

C++ User Group Meetings in May 2018

published at 01.05.2018 12:04

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings!

Can you sponsor Meeting C++ 2018?

published at 25.04.2018 11:19

TL;DR: is your employer a potential sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018?

JetBrains returns as a Sponsor

published at 25.04.2018 09:44

JetBrains returns for the 4th time to the Meeting C++ conference!

Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2018

published at 23.04.2018 13:46

Just updated the website with the keynote speakers of Meeting C++ 2018, so a short word about the keynotes.

KDAB returns as a silver Sponsor

published at 19.04.2018 19:56

With KDAB returning to the conference as a silver Sponsor, Meeting C++ 2018 has its first all time sponsor. Thats right, KDAB has been a sponsor of all Meeting C++ conferences, beginning in 2012! Big thanks to KDAB for their long time support!

And the first Gold Sponsor is...

published at 19.04.2018 09:35

Thanks to Bloomberg for joining in as the first gold Sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018!

Submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2018!

published at 12.04.2018 10:53

Last week announced, now you can submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2018! This year its the 7th edition of Meeting C++, the 2nd time that it spans 3 days!

Announcing Meeting C++ 2018!

published at 04.04.2018 11:37

Meeting C++ returns with its 2018 conference edition! Like in the previous years, we'll be meeting in Berlin from the 15. - 17th November!

C++ User Group Meetings in April 2018

published at 02.04.2018 15:20

The monthly overview about upcoming C++ User Group Meetings! Over 40 User Groups have already announced their meetings for April!

Starting a new community at patreon

published at 29.03.2018 11:51

Something new: you can now support Meeting C++ through Patreon!

An update for C++ User Groups

published at 15.03.2018 11:06

Today I can announce, that two new features for C++ User Groups are online: registration and a general contact form. There is no change to the other related things for User Groups at Meeting C++, like the monthly listing.

The Meeting C++ employer listing is online

published at 07.03.2018 10:11

With this week, a feature of the old website returns: the Meeting C++ employer listing. So companies with open C++ positions get a permanent representation at Meeting C++ with their profile and contact information.

C++ User Group meetings in March 2018

published at 01.03.2018 15:59

The monthly overview on upcoming meetings of C++ User Groups world wide!

New Employer listing & posting Jobs on Meeting C++

published at 15.02.2018 11:23

Today I am finally able to announce the upcoming employer listing on Meeting C++!

C++ User Group Meetings in February 2018

published at 02.02.2018 21:35

The monthly posting of upcoming C++ User Group meetings. It seems there are no new groups so far in 2018...

All Lightning Talks are published

published at 10.01.2018 13:31

All lightning talks from Meeting C++ 2017 are now on YouTube. Sean Parents keynote will be online soon, as its right now the only recording which really has issues. Also the first talks from the conference now get to be on YouTube.

C++ User Group Meetings in January 2018

published at 04.01.2018 14:45

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings, lots of groups kick off the year with a meeting!

Videos of Meeting C++ 2017 are coming!

published at 22.12.2017 20:33

Since last week I finally have the videos of the main track, so that I can start processing videos from the conference! The first batch of videos from Meeting C++ 2017 is already online!