JFrog Conan C/C++ Package Manager joins as a Partner Sponsor

published at 15.09.2017 10:45

Great news for this years Meeting C++ conference: I can announce that JFrog and its JFrog Conan C/C++ Package Manager is becoming the first Partner Sponsor of Meeting C++! This is related to them organizing again the C++ Quiz!

Volunteering at Meeting C++ 2017

published at 13.09.2017 11:05

Something new, which didn't exist in the last 5 editions of the Meeting C++ conference. You are now able to become a volunteer at Meeting C++ 2017, like you can and always could do for CppCon.

"Parental Advisory" - next Episode of Meeting C++ live!

published at 08.09.2017 11:54

Announcing the next episode of Meeting C++ live: Next thursday at 20:00 CET Meeting C++ live returns with a special "Parental Advisory" episode! My guest is of course Sean Parent!

C++ User Group Meetings in September 2017

published at 03.09.2017 11:58

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Groups! In September over 40 User Groups are meeting. If there is no UG in your area, now is a good time to get your own C++ User Group started!

Undo returns as a Gold Sponsor!

published at 07.08.2017 16:34

In its 3rd year, Undo returns to the conference as a sponsor, like last year they will be present with a booth!

Flow Traders joins as a gold sponsor

published at 03.08.2017 20:08

Today I can announce, that with Flow Traders a new company joins the ranks of gold sponsors at Meeting C++ 2017!

C++ User Group Meetings in August 2017

published at 02.08.2017 17:24

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings! Once again, over 30 Groups meet world wide!

A new gold sponsor: IncrediBuild

published at 26.07.2017 10:24

IncrediBuild returns to this years Meeting C++ conference as a Gold sponsor and will be present with a booth in the break area!

think-cell joins the gold sponsors

published at 24.07.2017 12:31

Today, I can announce, that think-cell returns also in this year as a gold sponsor to the conference! They are one of only two long time sponsors!

Announcing the Student & Accessibility Tickets!

published at 18.07.2017 11:18

This is the 4th year where Meeting C++ is offering free tickets for students. Since last year, there is also a contingent for the underrepresented and those, not able to afford a Meeting C++ ticket. Travel and accomondation is not covered.

Confirmed Speakers & Talks at Meeting C++ 2017 - Part II

published at 17.07.2017 12:08

A short update on the program of Meeting C++ 2017!

Confirmed Speakers & Talks at Meeting C++ 2017

published at 10.07.2017 11:07

Last week the decisions for who could speak at Meeting C++ 2017 was made, and the selected candidates were contacted. Here is a little overview on talks and speakers for this years conference. There is a few speakers which haven't reacted yet, hope to share these talks soon too.

The first silver Sponsor: KDAB

published at 06.07.2017 11:10

The first silver sponsor of Meeting C++ 2017 is KDAB! KDAB is one of only two all time sponsors, being on the conference since 2012!

Meeting C++ 2017 voting results

published at 03.07.2017 15:09

Time for a short overview on this years voting for the program of Meeting C++ 2017! Its been awesome to see 206 ppl vote on the 97 submitted talks, a great program is taking shape. This is the voting average graph for 2017:

Meeting C++ live returns this Wednesday!

published at 03.07.2017 11:52

After a longer break, Meeting C++ live will return this Wednesday on 18:00 CET. With Tony van Eerd as a guest, the topic will be C++17 in examples! Tony is a long time boost fellow and has worked across the Industry with C++, he also gave the closing keynote at Meeting C++ 2013! Currently he is working on advanced projector technology. Also he shared his thoughts and haikus on twitter.

A new gold sponsor: the Qt Company

published at 03.07.2017 11:31

I'm happy to start this week with the announcement of a new gold sponsor: the Qt Company!

C++ User Group Meetings in July 2017

published at 02.07.2017 15:46

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings! Even as Summer hits with July, still way over 30 User Groups are meeting world wide this month!

The second gold sponsor: JetBrains

published at 28.06.2017 11:07

Today I can announce that JetBrains is returning to Meeting C++ in its 3rd year of sponsorship! They are the second company to go for gold this year!

The first gold sponsor: Vector

published at 27.06.2017 16:03

The first company to become a sponsor for this years conference is Vector, an embedded and automotive software company from Stuttgart, Germany:

Meeting C++ 2017: Call for Sponsors

published at 26.06.2017 16:14

Like in the last 5 years, the Meeting C++ conference is looking for companies willing to support the conference through sponsoring! There is also the limited option of presenting your company at the conference with a booth!