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Meeting C++ Training

Meeting C++ Training offers high quality C++ trainings with selected C++ trainers organized by Meeting C++. Stay up to date with your C++ knowledge by attending a Meeting C++ training online or offline.

Meeting C++ online trainings allow you to stay up to date with C++ with the help of top industry experts!

Online trainings will happen via Zoom, GoToWebinar or similar software, depending on the trainers choice. Meeting C++ will send the link, password and additional details to attendees.

Due to COVID-19 all trainings are currently online trainings!

For Trainers

Meeting C++ is also a large online network for C++, but also known for the quality of its events. You as a trainer can now offer a training through the Meeting C++ platform!

Register as Trainer and offer courses through Meeting C++!

Trainers @ Meeting C++


Next Meeting C++ Trainings

15.06.2020 for 3 day(s)

Modern C++, templates, performance, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20

17.06.2020 for 1 half day(s)

Atomics Locks Tasks

24.06.2020 for 3 day(s)

C++ Software Design, Intermediate/Advanced

29.06.2020 for 4 half day(s)


Language: german

06.07.2020 for 1 day(s)

Concurrency Multithreading ParallelSTL

13.07.2020 for 4 half day(s)


Language: german

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