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Meeting C++ online - full day conference

Once a quarter Meeting C++ organizes a one day online C++ conference. The next one is at the 24. September 2020.

This event is hosted under the Berlin Code of Conduct

The first one day online conference brought to you by Meeting C++ on 24th of September 2020!

Event link for Attendees, please register with the email registered for the conference Ticket.

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You will be able to join the online conference a few minutes before the welcome message.
Times are in CEST, Sessions are 1 hour, Breaks between talks are 15 minutes, Dinner break is one hour.

Welcome message

Jens Weller

Scheduled for 13:45

Timetable (CEST) [Set your timezone]

24.09.2020 13:45:00 - Jens Weller: Welcome message

24.09.2020 14:15:00 - Patricia Aas: Trying to build an Open Source browser in 2020

24.09.2020 15:30:00 - Victor Ciura: 2020 - The Year of Sanitizers?

24.09.2020 16:45:00 - Kris Jusiak: Future of testing with C++20

24.09.2020 18:00:00 - Mateusz Nowak: Code smells on hot paths

24.09.2020 20:00:00 - Denis Yaroshevskiy: My First SIMD: Implementing STL Algorithms Using AVX2 Extensions

24.09.2020 21:15:00 - Hendrik Niemeyer: An Introduction to C++20’s Concepts

24.09.2020 22:30:00 - Basit Ayantunde: Functional Error and Optional-value Handling with STX

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