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Lead large technical projects as Principal Software Engineer at Optiver

published at 12.11.2019 13:55

Location: Amsterdam

Company: Optiver

Relocation Level: International

Our Principal Software Engineers lead large technical projects, help set the direction for our trading infrastructure, and serve as role models within Optiver.

Trading == Technology

Our systems play an essential role in everything we do in the trading domain. That is why, our Technology and Trading teams collaborate closely to explore ideas and set the new directions. Together we build and maintain an outstanding suite of reliable, high performing systems and applications.

The trading strategies must respond to market events in nanoseconds, and we automatically price large, diverse sets of financial instruments with extremely low error tolerance. We continually refine, store, and analyze terabytes of data produced by market activity and our trading systems. Our user interfaces must present coherent, responsive real-time visualizations of market activity and system performance while providing intuitive control of a highly complex system. Our core parts of systems must provide a stable, performant, and trusted foundation on which our systems are built.

What you'll do                            

As Principal Software Engineer, you establish vision and technical direction for major initiatives, through building large portions of high quality and architecturally sound systems. You develop a deep understanding of trading, exchanges and what the “machine” is doing. You’re not attached to tools and technologies, but you focus on solving problems. You lead the most complex projects while questioning every assumption, involving fellow Engineers, Traders and Researchers. This also means hands-on programming, testing and putting the new solutions into production. You bring clarity to complexity and demonstrate smart ways to simplify our trading ecosystem.

You’ll have a lot of freedom, but also responsibility. The scope of our systems is large and our Tech leadership trusts you with our crown jewels. Your decisions have substantial impact on the flow of millions of Euros. Your actions will result in meeting obligations towards exchanges and extending our reputation of a trusted trading partner.

What you'll need

Your first months

We invest a lot of effort making sure that our Engineers understand all aspects of our role in the markets. To start with, we’ll offer you a “Trading for non-Traders” program that will provide you with all the necessary knowledge. While we don’t expect any previous experience in trading, we expect you to have a strong motivation and interest in solving problems within this domain. During the first months, you’ll also learn the ins and outs of our trading systems and the engineering principles that underpin our decision making. With your solid engineering background, you should be able to spot areas for improvements from the very beginning. 

What you can expect from us

At Optiver, we have a very flat structure. We work extremely closely with our stakeholders, often working as a single team to solve Optiver’s problems. Individually, you are very highly empowered to deliver significant changes, with the support of your team and your leaders. Above all we value the passion of our technical team and foster a collaborative and innovative working environment which nurtures brilliant minds. Take a look at this short video to learn more about our core values.

We strive to bring out the best in our people and in return we are fortunate enough to have a great package of benefits. We also provide relocation assistance.

Interested in working at Optiver?

Please apply for the role via the form below and provide us with a CV & cover letter in English. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Patrycja Ostrowska at or +31 20 708 7481. 

Apply here.



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