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C++17 Software Engineer

published at 13.02.2018 12:01

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Company: Tenzir

Tenzir is an ambitious startup with the vision to substantially improve the security of computer networks. Our primary focus lies on network forensics: the systematic investigation of cyber attacks with big data analytics. We are seeking a very talented and collaborative person to help build the backend for disruptive cybersecurity products. We are creating a modern distributed system on top of a high-performance message passing architecture.

Each of Tenzir's two co-founders have over ten years of in-depth experience with C++. We operate a modern code base and focus on quality-oriented reviews. If you would like to get an impression of what our standards are: we are the creators and maintainers of VAST and CAF.

As a key contributor to our technology, you will participate in the entire process from translating user needs into designs and then implement them as working code. In particular:

- Design, prototype, develop, and evaluate abstractions in a cutting-edge C++17 code base
- Create scalable and composable interfaces in a high-performance mesage passing environment
- Tune and enhance data structures to accelerate search queries on massive amounts of data
- Contribute to an open and constructive review culture in an agile development setting

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