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[UK] Senior Software Engineer, C++ (OpenGL, Rendering, Vulkan)

published at 13.01.2022 12:25

Location: United Kingdom

Company: Foundry

Relocation Level: none

Remote support for this position: yes

We are a global company with a mission to advance the art and technology of visual experience. We know that creating an inclusive environment that values and encourages different perspectives is critical for our success, and the success of our people. We are learning, listening, and taking action to be better and foster trust in our community. Our goal is to ensure every person working at Foundry feels safe and free to be themselves, to share their ideas or concerns and that there is equal access to opportunities for all.


Katana® is a highly efficient, collaborative look development and lighting solution that gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding CG-rendering projects. Equally suited to both short and long-form animation and VFX projects, Katana's unique design lets you work with massive scenes and high volumes of shots; easily reuse looks; and make revisions without repeating scene setup work, so you can spend more time achieving higher quality results.

Katana is a cross-platform, C++, Qt-based application, which uses deep python bindings for the parts of the system that are not time-critical. As well as python configurability, a set of APIs exists for customers to integrate Katana into their pipelines to use custom asset management, renderers, and more.


You'll be part of a team, working with engineers with varying levels of experience, developing and maintaining our products. Knowledge of modern development methodologies and practices is expected, allied with an enthusiasm for all things technical and a desire to develop your skills - and domain knowledge of Visual Effects/Design - further.

You'll work on bug fixes and new features as part of one of our Agile teams. This will combine contributing to the task breakdown and estimation both for your own tasks and those of your team, drawing on your experience and knowledge of technology and existing libraries and components. You'll also contribute to customer support issues which require technical knowledge or advice on deployment and best practice.
The team you’ll be working within is primarily focused around performance improvement, application interoperability and rendering workflows in Katana.





The Company.

Foundry develops creative software for the digital design, media and entertainment industries. With a 20-year heritage and a portfolio of award-winning products, Foundry advances the art and technology of visual experience in partnership with creative leaders around the globe.

Clients and partners include major feature film studios and post-production houses such as Pixar, ILM, MPC, Walt Disney Animation, Weta Digital, DNEG, and Framestore as well as automotive, footwear, apparel and technology companies such as Mercedes, New Balance, Adidas and Google. Foundry partners with these companies to solve complex visualization challenges to turn incredible ideas into reality.

The company’s products are used to create breathtaking visual effects sequences on a wide range of feature films, video-on-demand, television and commercials. Foundry software was integral in the making of every VFX Oscar-winning film, award-winning TV shows and commercials for more than a decade.

Founded in 1996, Foundry is headquartered in London, with 300 staff and a presence in the US, China, Japan, Australia and Europe. In 2015, the London Stock Exchange named Foundry one of the “1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.” It regularly features in The Sunday Times’ Tech Track as one of Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies.

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