C++ Core Guidelines: Migrating your Code Base

The C++ Core Guidelines are a proposal of leading C++ figures to limit the degrees of freedom of using C++ to ensure safer C++ code without losing performance or expressibility. For example, the use of naked pointers is limited so that pointer arithmetic and pointer parameters representing arrays are verboten. Also conscious usage of const is an option for code improvement.

To ensure the C++ Core Guidelines are followed requires the use of static analysis tools. At IFS we continuously expand our free IDE with such static analysis tooling and always try not only to detect problems but also provide automatic remediation of such. Thus we enable developers to incrementally make their code conforming to selected Core Guidelines by using our tool support.

Speaker: Bjarne Stroustrup (Peter Sommerlad was unfortunatley sick and could not present this at Meeting C++, Bjaren gave a ad hoc GSL introduction)


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