SYCL building blocks for C++ libraries

As performance and power-efficiency become the holy grail of modern C++ applications, the hardware solutions that deliver them differ greatly in architecture decisions and designs. The combination of CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and custom domain specific hardware is gaining a lot of momentum. In view of this, C++ programming techniques and features are changing as well. Modern C++ standards are enabling more and more parallelism and heterogeneity in the library and language features.

SYCL is the royalty-free open-standard that brings together modern C++ programming techniques and performance on heterogeneous and massively parallel OpenCL platforms. This talk will cover the key features of SYCL 1.2, 2.2 and SYCL ParallelSTL that enable C++ libraries to be extended using standard C++ language features and libraries. SYCL is a system that provides the building blocks for building such C++ libraries, where the gap between the hardware agnostic C++ features and the C++ abstractions of the hardware features can be bridged.

Speaker: Gordon Brown


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