SG14: The Story So Far

Convened in June 2015, SG14 is the newest addition to the WG21 Study Group family. It's a little different from its siblings: while they focus on a particular aspect of software development such as numerics, databases, concurrency et cetera, SG14 is the first group to focus on a particular subset of use cases: low latency, real time requirements, and performance/efficiency especially for games, financial/banking, and simulations. With a thriving google group and regular, well attended teleconferences, several areas of investigation are subject to research. Expect discussion on cache-coherent containers, fixed-point representation, heterogeneous programming, and of course exception handling, as well as one or two diversions into the history of game development. You may even come away with a desire to join this or any of the other study groups, and contribute ideas and papers to improve the language.

Speaker: Guy Davidson


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