Effective Qt

For around two decades now, Scott Meyers' Effective C++ series forms an indispensable resource for even the most experienced C++ developer, and many of us own a copy. Its bite-sized items allow you to read one small chapter at a time, and return to your work, applying what you just learned right away.

What was lacking was a similar resource for Qt development.

In 2010, Marc Mutz started a series of blog posts under the series title Effective Qt (https://marcmutz.wordpress.com/effective-qt/), which, however, fell prey to paternity in 2012. It still generates a lot of traffic, so there continues to be demand for it.

These blog-posts described the state as of Qt 4, while this session will target Qt 5, introducing new guidelines and updating existing advice on such varied topics as API design, performance, and code quality.

Among other things, you will learn how to dress up your own types for efficient use within Qt containers and QVariant, and how to use QStringLiteral most efficiently.

Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of Qt (specifically, QtCore).

The author has given a similar presentation at Qt World Summit this year. While there is some overlap, this talk also presents original new content not included in the QtWS version, or the blog.

Speaker: Marc Mutz

Slides: Effective Qt

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