C++ on its way to exascale and beyond

The High Performance Computing (HPC) community is facing a technology shift which will result in a performance boost by three orders of magnitudes within the next 5 years. This rise of performance will mainly be acquainted by increasing the level of concurrency in such a way that a user of those systems needs to accommodate to billion way parallelism. The main problems to solve are: Programmability, Portability, Energy Saving and Resiliency. The author believes that leveraging modern C++ will lead to a possible solution to those problems from a software perspective.

This talk will discuss the use of C++ in such a massively parallel environment: Extending a future based API to present a lightweight and efficient mechanism to support massively parallel, multi-way parallelism.

The question of what's beyond such extreme scales is hard to answer. However, we will always see a dissemination of today's HPC architectures into tomorrow's end-consumer devices or even embedded systems. A brief outlook on how to benefit from HPC technology to the other end of the spectrum will be given and the loop will be closed by pointing out several similarities.

Speaker: Thomas Heller

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