Asynchronous programming infrastructure: the Asynchronous library

During the last Meeting C++, we studied a CD Player built upon the Boost Meta State Machine library and using Qt's event loop for the asynchronous infrastructure. This however has a few drawbacks: we don't always want to run as a Qt application and Qt is limited on the parallelization front. We of course have std::async, but well, it's not that asynchronous. What we need is an infrastructure library on which Boost Meta State Machine can build. This will be provided by the Asynchronous library: Active Objects, proxies, threadpools, parallelization algorithms, work-stealing, distributed programming, etc. And all this perfectly asynchronous and non-blocking. Come in for a thought-provoking talk about a radically different way of programming.

This talk is NOT a theoretical talk. All this is being used in real life and we will therefore be very concrete.

Speaker: Christophe Henry

Slides: Asynchronous programming infrastructure: the Asynchronous library

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