Developing cross-platform apps and games in C++

Marmalade is a software development tool that allows developers to deploy to multiple operating systems from a single C++ codebase.  Marmalade’s flexible approach to development gives creators the chance to focus on programming rather than device compatibility.

In this talk our Senior Developer, Nick Smith, will take an under-the-hood look at Qubit, a game built with Marmalade by our sister studio, Marmalade Game Studio, and currently on iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and shortly Windows Phone 8 and selected smart TVs.

By highlighting sections of the source code Nick will show the basics of C++ app development and demonstrate how to account for platform specific APIs and features in your project. On top of this he'll also show how you can seamlessly integrate third party tool providers from a number of our different partners including analytics, advertising, game engines, multiplayer functionalities and social and discovery platforms.

Speaker: Nick Smith


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