Vicente J. Botet Escriba

Vicente J. Botet Escriba got a Masters in Computer Science from University Complutense of Madrid, Spain in 1986. He has over 25 years of experience in software engineering for fault tolerant systems, and over 15 years of C++ experience. His main research area is on concurrent systems and parallel computing. Since January 2008, he has contributed actively to the Boost community. He is the coauthor and maintainer of Boost.Thread/Chrono/Ratio. Lastly he has presented several proposals for the C++ standard. He has just do one presentation for BoostCon 2010 on transactional memory and one for C++Now 2014 for the library Expected. He is a software engineer at Nokia France where he focus on the testability of very large telecom systems.

For more details see my LinkedIn profile.

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