Diego Rodriguez-Losada

PhD in Robotics and Computer Vision, Professor at UPM teaching SW engineering, C, C++ for many years. Researcher in Robotics with scientific papers in best JCR research journals and conferences, and involved in many research and industrial (SW development), most of it in C++.

He has experience in programming embedded devices, Motorola HC11, Microchip, ARM linux based in Assembler, SBasic, C and C++, and has developed embedded applications involving sensing, actuation (DC, stepper motors), communication (serial, can-bus, radio, ethernet), artificial intelligence, advanced control, and robotics. He also has experience in popular Arduino and RaspberryPI platforms and has taught university mechatronic courses using them.

In 2012 he quit academia to found biicode.com, that now is leading as CEO (but also playing development and engineering, his great passion), where they are developing a new C and C++ dependencies manager, with support for embedded development in C and C++.

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