Welcome to Meeting C++!

Meeting C++ is two things:

A independent C++ Conference, and the attempt to establish a european network for C++. Meeting C++ focuses on C++ and its frameworks like boost, Qt and others. Meeting C++ tries to support local C++ User Groups through its website and event calendar, and to support the founding of new C++ User Groups across Europe!

Meeting C++ 2015 is from 3rd - 5th December in Berlin!

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Latest Blogposts

by Jens Weller

Searching and replacing in strings with boost

This blog post is about searching and replacing in strings. As I started last week with implementing the functionality...

by Jens Weller

Raw loops vs. STL algorithms

I don't know all STL algorithms, and some times its just to tempting to write a little loop instead of searching the STL for the specific algorithm. Yesterday I had such a case...