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Meeting C++ is two things:

A independent C++ Conference, and the attempt to establish a european network for C++. Meeting C++ focuses on C++ and its frameworks like boost, Qt and others. Meeting C++ tries to support local C++ User Groups through its website and event calendar, and to support the founding of new C++ User Groups across Europe!

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Meeting C++ 2014 conference has been announced and the call for papers is running!

Latest Blogposts

by Jens Weller

Writing a small voting tool in Qt

I've just written this afternoon a small tool for the talk-vote for Meeting C++ 2014. As the call for papers ends on Sunday, the voting comes closer. Last year only a few people on the program committee could vote, this year its going to be around 300. This is 10 times more then last year. In this way I want to give the audience a chance to influence the program.

by Jens Weller

C++ Status

So, for one year I've been reading Proposals for the C++ Committee, some thoughts on where its going, and where its currently at. And now that C++14 is in its final draft state, also a look into the Standards beyond C++14.