Speaking guidelines for Meeting C++

I'd like to give you some guidance in how to prepare your talk for Meeting C++, and what to expect when speaking. This page is currently work in progress, so feedback is welcome.


I don't want to restrict you in any way how to present. But, Scott Meyers did a very good job on how to prepare your material, when presenting and being recorded (starting at ~59:50):

I'd like you think about how Scotts advice on how to prepare presentations for the modern age could improve your slides. Also all talks will be recorded, also try to start your talk in a positive way. Be careful with jokes, everybody should be able to laugh about your joke.

Main hall

This is the main room where all keynotes and the popular track will take place. It has space for everybody, you will present in front of 150-300 people.

Side Tracks

All rooms in the side tracks have the same size, they fit ~90 people, if your talk is very popular maybe we manage to squeeze in a few more. As you present infront of a narrow room, please make sure that all important details are in the upper 3/4 of your slides.


Please ensure that you fill out and stay within the 60 minutes of your time slot (90 minutes for keynotes). Break times are meant as break times, to give people the chance to change rooms and have a chat.