Speakers for the Meeting C++ Conference 2013

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Jens Weller

Jens Weller works since 2007 as a freelancer in C++, specialised in consulting, training and programming C++ and has more then 12 years of C++ expierence. He is active in the german C++ community, as he moderates the Qt/wxWidgets forum at c-plusplus.de and founded the "Modern C++" group on the social network Xing. He is the initiator of the Meeting C++ conference.


Boris Schäling

Boris Schäling is an active member of the Boost C++ community. He was a Boost C++ representative at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2010 and spoke at the conferences BoostCon 2011 and C++Now! 2012. He coordinates efforts to finish Boost.Process and contributed the I/O object windows::object_handle to Boost.Asio. He is the author of the books “The Boost C++ Libraries” and “Die Boost C++ Bibliotheken” and a Boost C++ expert for the German computer magazine c’t.

Boris’ main interest in C++ is improving efficiency in software development projects and making C++ easier to use. He has worked as a consultant and trainer helping companies reach these goals using the Boost libraries. He now lives in Amsterdam working for a proprietary trading firm.


Zoltán Porkoláb

Zoltán Porkoláb is a software developer at Ericsson and an Associate Professor at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, where he is teaching programming languages, project tools and advanced C++ programming. His research interests include programming paradigms, C++ template metaprogramming, software metrics and software comprehension.


Ábel Sinkovics

Ábel Sinkovics works as a software engineer and is a PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. His research is about C++ template metaprogramming and domain specific languages. He develops open source libraries supporting embedding domain specific languages into C++.


Edouard Alligand

Edouard has more than twelve years of professional experience in software engineering. After years hacking the kernel of various operating systems, Edouard founded Bureau 14, the home of the hyperscalable database quasardb.

Combining an excellent knowledge of low level programming with a perverse love for template meta-programming, Edouard likes to come up with uncompromising solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

He lives in Paris, France.


Detlef Wilkening

Detlef Wilkening uses C++ for over 20 years, and has had a wide variety in using the language in different Industries (Automotive, Banking, Flightplanning and Trade). He also has expierence with developing Desktop and Client-Server Systems. Currently he is working in the Automotive Industry. He teaches C++ and java at the technical University of Aachen and is a active member of the C++ User Group NRW.


Peter Sommerlad

Prof. Peter Sommerlad is head of IFS Institute for Software at FHO/HSR Rapperswil. Peter is co-author of the books POSA Vol.1 and Security Patterns. His goal is to make software simpler by Decremental Development: Refactoring software down to 10% its size with better architecture, testability and quality and functionality. Peter is the author if the CUTE unit testing framework. He inspired and leads several Eclipse CDT plug-in projects, such as the CUTE unit testing, Sconsolidator, Mockator, Linticator, and Includator. IFS contributed most of the CDT refactoring infrastructure and is employing it to develop further TDD and Refactoring support for Eclipse CDT.


Guntram Berti

Guntram Berti works since many years on development of efficient scientific software in C++.
Having discovered the STL in 1995, he became an addict of generic programming.
Since 2010 he offer consulting in mathematical modelling, algorithm design and implementation.
For more information, see http://www.berti-cmm.de


John Thomas

I am John "JT" Thomas, the Director of Product Management, at Embarcadero (www.embarcadero.com). We make native language compilers and frameworks for the Delphi and C++ languages that support desktop and mobile operating systems. I am a C++ programmer of over 20 years and had represented Borland software on the ANSI/ISO C++ committee for a while.


Sridhar Poduri

Sridhar Poduri is a program manager on the Windows team, focused on increasing developer productivity with C++ and XAML. He has been involved with Windows 8 development from the start, including developing one of the first C++/XAML apps for Windows 8. A C++ aficionado and a new parent, he blogs regularly on WinRT and native C++ at http://sridharpoduri.com

He is also the author of the "Modern C++ and Windows Store apps" book.


Rainer Grimm

Rainer Grimm is a longtime software developer and instructor. He invests some of his spare time in writing articles about the programming languages C++, Python and Haskell for the Linux-Magazine.
Since this year he works as a software architect and team lead for Metrax, building defibrillators for the private citizen and the clinical environment. So he brings together his training as a male nurse and as a mathematican.
His old and new passion is the programming language C++. He published the book "C++11: Der Leitfaden für den Programmierer zum neuen Standard".(Addison-Wesley, ISBN-13: 978-3827330888).


Stephen Kelly

Stephen has been a professional Qt developer for over 3 years and has worked non-professionally with it for over 6 years. At KDAB he has worked with and on the model-view system in Qt 4 and Qt 5, as well as numerous other frameworks within Qt such as the state machine framework, the scripting framework and various UI integration.


Peter Gottschling

Peter Gottschling is the Founder and Managing Director of SimuNova UG
and Director for Software Research at Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc.
He also works for the Institute of Scientific Computing at Dresden
University of Technology. The institute and SimuNova are members of
Dresden's CUDA Center of Excellence.  Peter Gottschling is the author
of the Matrix Template Library version 4 (MTL4) as well as author or
co-author of graph-based libraries like the Parallel BGL, ANGEL (used
in automatic differentiation), and ParGraph.  He is member of DIN and
head of the German delegation in the international ISO committee for
the standardization of C++.


Kamel Lajili

Kamel Lajili is a Senior BlackBerry Application Development Consultant for Research In Motion (RIM). In 2008 Kamel joined the RIM Software Test Automation Team as a Senior Automation Developer, where he developed script based test methods to remotely control the BlackBerry Smart Phones under test and analyze the quality of the software loaded on them.

In his current role, Kamel works since 2011 with third party developers to create and to port applications across the different BlackBerry platforms, including BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry PlayBook and BB10.

Kamel’s cultural background and language skills facilitate his work with developers based in Germany, France, North Africa and several countries in the Middle East. Prior to joining RIM, Kamel held various positions in the area of embedded mobile software development with another Smartphone vendor for more than 10 years. Kamel holds a degree in General Electrical Engineering from Aachen University of Technology in Germany.


Christophe Henry

Christophe is Software Development Manager at Dr. Schenk in Munich (http://www.drschenk.com), Germany and has many years of experience writing C++ software for industrial systems.

He is the author of the Boost Meta State Machine library, which he uses regularly to cause crashes of various compilers.

Christophe loves C++, especially template meta programming and keeps reminding all who listen that "a template a day keeps java away".


Sven Johannsen

Sven Johannsen has over 15 years of experience in programming C++.
He has worked on several projects from the visualization of measurement data to cloud computing.
Currently, he is employed at Schlumberger, developing petroleum systems modeling software for the petroleum industry.


Glyn Matthews

Glyn is a software engineer and Scrum Master at SoftKinetic in Brussels. He is the author of N3507 (A URI Library for C++) and is a member of the BSI C++ panel. He is an administrator of the C++ Network Library and is also involved in the Belgian C++ User Group.

His professional interests include C++, Python, Agile methods, computer vision, software concurrency and network programming. His non-professional interests include scuba diving and running.


Marc Gregoire

Marc Gregoire is a software architect and has worked for 6 years as a consultant for Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks on critical 2G and 3G software running on Solaris for big telecom operators. This required working in international teams stretching from South America and USA to EMEA and Asia. Now, Marc is working for Nikon Metrology on 3D scanning software. His main expertise is C/C++, and specifically Microsoft VC++ and the MFC framework. Next to C/C++, Marc also likes C# and uses PHP for creating web pages. In addition to his main interest for Windows development, he also has experience in developing C++ programs running 24x7 on Windows and Linux platforms; for example, EIB home automation controlling and monitoring software. Since April 2007, he received the yearly Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for his Visual C++ expertise. Marc is the author of "Professional C++, Second Edition", published by Wiley/Wrox, is the founder of the Belgian C++ Users Group (www.becpp.org), has written a number of articles which have been published on CodeGuru and/or his personal blog (www.nuonsoft.com/blog/), and can be found on the CodeGuru forum as "Marc G".


Nick Smith

Nick is a senior engineer at Marmalade and he has a long background in C++ and OpenGL programming for games and has worked on mobile platforms from Win CE and Symbian through to iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10. For Marmalade, he has worked on many core SDK internals as an engineer, but is now focussed on developer relations, partner integration and R&D, with a little bit of app programming for fun on the side.


Eric Niebler

Eric Niebler will be giving the opening keynote at this years Meeting C++ conference. He is a freelance software developer, consultant, trainer and author. His specialty is C++ library and application development, with special emphasis on modern C++ techniques, and extra special emphasis on domain-specific languages.

He has written code for Microsoft Research, Microsoft Visual C++, and Boost.org, where he has authored 4 Boost libraries: Proto, Foreach, Xpressive, and Accumulators. He is also a release manager for Boost, a member of the Boost Steering Committee, and a planner for BoostCon.


Tony van Eerd

Tony Van Eerd almost grew up to be an artist, but instead studied math and physics then stumbled into a career writing software. Which he has now been doing for well over 20 years. And hopefully doing it well for at least some of that. Most of that time has been in the graphics/video/film/broadcast industry, writing low level pixel++ and high level UI libraries. Lots and lots of UI, lots and lots of libraries. He now works at BlackBerry, stewarding the aesthetics of the BlackBerry APIs. He is also the company-wide "C++ guy" writing half of his code in emails and wiki pages.


Christian Binder

Christian Binder joined Microsoft at 1999. He started as Escalation Engineer and his current role is ALM Architect since 2005. As an ALM Architect he is focusing on the Visual Studio ALM Platform and working closely with the Product Group in Redmond. Join his motivation, which is "Making modern Team Development Fun and more productive" check out his blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/cbinder