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by Jens Weller

Word counting in C++11 - lessons learned

This is a follow up post to my first Blogpost, where I showed a small word counting programm in C++11. It started as a small challenge, but ended up to be a good lesson to learn a lot about C++11. Which I'd like to share with you...

by Jens Weller

A closer look at BlackBerry 10 Cascades SDK

The past weeks I looked again at the BlackBerry 10 Cascades SDK for native developement in C++ and Qt for BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry 10 is BlackBerrys new OS launched this weeks Wednesday. I already did take a look last October at the BlackBerry SDK, but was to busy with preparations for the Meeting C++ Conference. Now after about 2 weeks of learning Cascades QML + Qt on BlackBerry 10, I decided...

by Jens Weller

Challenge accepted!

This all started a few days ago on twitter, when a discussion about implementing a wordcount algorithm came up. To be precise, it orignates in a couple of blogposts, to get the full details, just read the them here. In a short overview, a simple C++ programm was the origin, which could count the words in one or more files. Stephan T. Lavavej postet in to the comments a version working with C++11 regex library. While this implementation is quite elegant, its lacking like the first a bit in performance. Thats where the discussion started on twitter, when James McNellis and Kenny Kerr started to discuss their solution. Which they present in the linked Blogpost. Which presents a nice, and multithreaded solution, written in Windows specific C++ using PPL and a like. At that point I felt challenged, to implement my own version, in pure C++11. So, in this blogpost I will present to you, how this can be achieved in C++11.