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by Jens Weller

Building an MP3 Player with Qt5

I've been playing arround with Qt5 now for a few weeks, and my interest is especially in the new MultiMedia APIs. For 2 reasons, first, over 10 years ago I programmed my own simple MP3 Player with MFC and FMOD for the playback. Which I could recode now in Qt5, as its offering Media playback...

by Jens Weller

boost 1.53 - a short overview

So, there I was on my way to Amsterdam on Monday evening, reading on twitter that boost 1.53 had been released. Which is really great, as I think that this is really an important release. Not only does it offer 5 new libraries, it also...

by Jens Weller

BlackBerry 10 Jam Europe

I visited the BlackBerry 10 Jam Europe in Amsterdam for Monday - Wednesday, and had a really great time. It was nice to watch the show, see what new stuff is coming to BlackBerry 10, and meet again with so many nice people from the Qt and C++ Community. Also, this was...

by Jens Weller

Word counting in C++11 - lessons learned

This is a follow up post to my first Blogpost, where I showed a small word counting programm in C++11. It started as a small challenge, but ended up to be a good lesson to learn a lot about C++11. Which I'd like to share with you...

by Jens Weller

A closer look at BlackBerry 10 Cascades SDK

The past weeks I looked again at the BlackBerry 10 Cascades SDK for native developement in C++ and Qt for BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry 10 is BlackBerrys new OS launched this weeks Wednesday. I already did take a look last October at the BlackBerry SDK, but was to busy with preparations for the Meeting C++ Conference. Now after about 2 weeks of learning Cascades QML + Qt on BlackBerry 10, I decided...

by Jens Weller

Challenge accepted!

This all started a few days ago on twitter, when a discussion about implementing a wordcount algorithm came up. To be precise, it orignates in a couple of blogposts, to get the full details, just read the them here. In a short overview, a simple C++ programm was the origin, which could count the words in one or more files. Stephan T. Lavavej postet in to the comments a version working with C++11 regex library. While this implementation is quite elegant, its lacking like the first a bit in performance. Thats where the discussion started on twitter, when James McNellis and Kenny Kerr started to discuss their solution. Which they present in the linked Blogpost. Which presents a nice, and multithreaded solution, written in Windows specific C++ using PPL and a like. At that point I felt challenged, to implement my own version, in pure C++11. So, in this blogpost I will present to you, how this can be achieved in C++11.