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by Jens Weller

C++11 and boost

Some parts of the Standard Library in C++11 are predated in boost. When playing around with C++11, you get used to using some parts in the Standard Library that are used in C++03 with their boost counterpart. Also, there is some libraries now occuring, which are C++11 based, so interfacing with either boost or C++11 code is soon an issue.

by Jens Weller

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 4 - Library, Network, Reflection and C++14

This is the fourth and last part of the series, which will finalize the Chicago papers for C++14 and beyond. It was again fun reading all the papers, but a lot less papers this time. While writing those lines C++14 is close to its final ways, it seems that the Chicago Meeting is really getting close...

by Guntram Berti

Generic Programming: A personal motivation

Moments of enlightenment are rare. When musing about my talk on this year's Meeting C++ conference, I vividly remembered having of those moments in early 1996 when I came across the HP technical report written by Alexander Stepanov and Meng Lee describing the design of the STL.

by Jens Weller

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 3 - Library

This week the C++ committee meeting has started in Chicago, and we will hopefully see at its end, what improvements C++14 brings to C++11. And in this 3rd part of my series for the Chicago papers, I will start looking at the library proposals...

by Jens Weller

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 2 - Core, Concepts & Evolution

Welcome to the 2nd part of this little papers series. This time I cover core, concepts, evulotion and filesystem. I decided to keep the format...

by Jens Weller

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 1 - Concurrency

As I did write a series about the papers for Bristol, this is the start of the series for Chicago, as at the end of this month the C++ committee will meet again for standardization. I try to...

by Jens Weller

A look into boost::thread

In the 3rd week of September I'll be giving a 2 day training on boost::thread, I thought its nice to post a short overview of the boost thread library...

by Jens Weller

C++ Conferences this fall

As holiday season is coming to an end, lets have a look at the upcoming C++ Conferences. This fall offers a few special events...

by Jens Weller

Revisiting the BlackBerry 10 NDK

The last few weeks I did look again at the BlackBerry 10 NDK, as a client had asked for help and training. I offered to adapt my Qt Introduction course to the BlackBerry plattform, and offered my advice and expierence from my introduction series for BB10, which I published earlier this year on YouTube...

by Jens Weller

resumable functions - async and await

While I did my series about the papers for Bristol, there was one paper, which I personally found a bit weird. This paper was about resumable functions, and at that time it was just another paper full of ideas for C++ to me...

by Jens Weller

Releasing Boost Dependency Analyzer 1.1

A few weeks ago I released the first version of my tool to analyze the boost libraries. This is now the release of version 1.1, which comes with a couple of enhancements.

by Jens Weller

An introduction into Qt - Part III

Welcome to Part 3 of my short introduction into Qt. This might be the last part, as my Qt Introduction course currently also spawns over 3 days. In the previous parts...

by Jens Weller

C++ & π

2 weeks ago, I had to refactor a bit of code, also containing pi (π). I do not often have to deal with mathematical C++ code, so using pi in my code is rare...

by Jens Weller

Boost Dependency Analyzer

I have something special to announce today. A tool I've build over the last 2 weeks, which allows to analyze the dependencies in boost.

by Jens Weller

An introduction into Qt - Part II

Welcome to Part II of our little tour through Qt. This time I'll focus on GUI, Widgets and Qts Model/View system. As Qt...

by Jens Weller

An introduction into Qt

The last 3 weeks I've been busy with teaching Qt. Each monday I was doing an one on one introductory course, from Qt Core to Qt XML. So, for a few weeks I was very busy with Qt, preparing for Mondays but also looking into things, how should this or that be done. With this course, my concept of teaching Qt has become reality, but I'd like to share my views on Qt with you, and give you an overview over Qt.

by Jens Weller

A look at Qt 5.1

This week Qt5.1 was released, which has become much more than a bug fix release, Qt5.1 brings the technical previews for Android and iOS plus some new features of Qt Quick. With Qt5.1 the 5.x branch of Qt is ready for production, and with 5.2 expected at the end of 2013, ready to rollout to Android and iOS.

by Jens Weller

Anti Pattern: the need to call a function

Every now and then I see this pattern coming around: the NEED to call a function. After you're done, you have to call cleanUpObjects() or endInsertItems() in some insane API. For me this is often an anti pattern, and sometimes its because the chosen design forces you to do so. If its up to you to design a system, maybe you should think about ways to avoid this, but that's a different topic. Today I just wanna rant about...

by mcadmincontao

boost 1.54 - a short overview

At the 1st July the new version of the boost libraries has been released, boost 1.54. This version not only brings 3 new libraries, but also deprecates one library and removes 80386 from the list of supported processors.

by Jens Weller

One year of Meeting C++

Today, one year ago, this project went live. Time to celebrate!