Two years of Meeting C++!

published at 03.07.2014 16:02 by Jens Weller

Two years ago Meeting C++ started, what was once a dream is now a reality. The conference has grown in those 2 years from 150 people to 300. But Meeting C++ is more then just a conference, in this time various C++ User Groups were started all over Europe, and a European network for C++ has started growing.

While I only know of 3 active User Groups around 2011/early 2012 (Oslo, Belgium & Düsseldorf), the active user Groups in Europe are a huge success, showing the popularity of C++:

And I'm sure many more will be meeting in this and the coming years. Also note, that I haven't listed active ACCU Groups, there exist a few in Great Britain, but I'm not sure when they started and how active they are. In total there currently 17 User Groups being active in 2014 or 2013.

I started Meeting C++ with the clear goal to create a network for C++ at least in europe, with the upcoming CppCon I think this could be done world wide. Meeting C++ it self has grown quite a lot in the 2 years, the first half of 2014 saw almost 100k visits to the website, and strong growth in the social media.

This years conference

There aren't many news about this years conference. The conference has moved to Berlin, and that I can say will also stay there for next year. I like the city and think it is a good place for a C++ Conference. Currently there are still 16 extended Early Bird tickets left, I have sold a lot more tickets then I did last year, and this years conference is 3 weeks later. So, I guess Meeting C++ will sell out again in October.

The coming year(s)

Meeting C++ is now my day job, it has given me many ideas, on some of these I am working right now. Also I have made many friends, which I may meet again at CppCon or at Meeting C++ later this year. Some of them I meet often in my own user group. My main focus currently is to write software that makes my own job easier, currently mostly focused on the conference. Most of this software is written in C++ and Qt. And of course coming more and more into focus is this years conference, 6 weeks before the conference all time is blocked for it, till then I have to prepare talks for CppCon and might also attend the Qt DevDays. Looking forward to meet more of you and help the community of C++ to grow further.

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